weekend crafting

This past weekend I got out the sewing machine to make another couple of cushion covers. I also got out the cassette tape player (!) so I could listen to one of my favourite Agatha Christie stories,  A Murder is Announced, an excellent soundtrack to a bit of weekend crafting

The yellow and black fabric with bold stripes is from an old set of curtains. I think it’s probably from the early seventies and it looks quite spiffy alongside the sixties red and black cushions I made last time. They all have matching charcoal grey cotton backing, and I’m getting a bit better at putting in a zip!

Today I’ve been sewing up the seams of my cable raglan jumper, the one I knitted before Christmas that ended up far too big. Having learned my lesson, this time I did things properly, knitting a swatch and then washing and blocking it before settling on 5.5 mm needles, and I also washed and blocked all the pieces as I went along. Knitting books always say that you’re supposed to block the pieces before seaming, but Debbie Stoller advised not to bother, so I didn’t… until now. Washing and blocking the pieces definitely made the seaming process easier.

Almost done!


One response to “weekend crafting

  1. they go together surprisingly well! I detest zips… I used to give them to my mum to do when I lived at home 😉

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