Vintage knitting patterns for men: Villawool Book 96

I reviewed a vintage Villawool men’s knitting pattern book a while back, so I think it’s about time for another one! This is Villawool Book 96, an Australian pattern book which was published, I think, in 1962.

There are seven great designs, jumpers, cardigans, a vest and waistcoat, all in 5 ply equivalent yarn. As a retro ship buff, this book has extra appeal for me as all the photos were shot on board the liner Orsova.

None of the Villawool yarns exist any more but wouldn’t it be fun to knit a jumper in “5th Avenue” or “Gleam”? In any case there would be plenty of beautiful modern yarns that would work for these designs, although I have to say that knitting a jumper on 3.25 mm needles would be quite a commitment.

I’m quite tempted by the blue jumper below with subtle cables up the front. Nice shirt too!


5 responses to “Vintage knitting patterns for men: Villawool Book 96

  1. Awesome 🙂 My grandma gave me a couple of balls of villawool recently… bright pink tho :p

  2. You should totes make the blue one! Could you scale it use thicker yarn? Like make the smallest pattern with a larger ply? Hmm.

    I’m all about the yellow waistcoat. Perfection!

  3. Ahhh the 60s – when men were men and they weren’t afraid to smoke while modelling knitwear.

    I do love the blue jumper with the cables though.

    • Thanks Jen, I am now knitting my first vintage pattern, although from a different pattern book (no smoking in this one but it does feature cravats!)

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