a little bit of ripping

Even though it’s the middle of summer, I woke up this morning with a cold…  although to be fair, some of the weather last week was decidely wintry. I even got to wear one of my jumpers from last year, although not the forest green cable raglan one that I finished just before Christmas.

Somehow, after checking my gauge and measuring while I went along (but only after I’d seamed  the whole thing together) it seemed suddenly HUGE. I tried washing and blocking and got it to come closer to the size  it was meant to be, but then it just gradually stretched back again.

So, after taking a few deep breaths, I ripped the whole thing out, winding the yarn into neat balls and let them sit for a while while deciding what to do next.

I then did what I should have done in the first place, knit some tension squares and wash and block them, which showed that the fabric worked out much better when I went down a needle size. Also, the whole process of pulling everything apart showed me that I had also duffed up joining the sleeves to the cable raglan panels, which gave the sleeves a puffy 80s look (not good, even in the 80s).

Once I’d figured that out I decided to knit the jumper all over again, with smaller needles and getting the armholes right this time.

I started the day after New Year and it’s going surprisingly quickly. I’ve got the front (or back, since they are identical) and two sleeves done, and they are all washed and blocking.

I also sewed on the wooden buttons I bought for my button collar pullover. I never like the crappy plastic ones I put on when I finished it, and I also had them slightly in the wrong spot. The collar sits a lot better now.

And, after confessing that I’d never actually used the sewing machine I bought two Christmasses ago, Raynor encouraged me to get sewing. We had a cushion cover made from a fab 60s red and black fabric, an op shop find I think, but we didn’t have any cushion inserts to fit it. Wayne had the idea of taking it apart and using each panel as the front of a new cushion. So, a bit more ripping…

The sewing project was delayed a bit because I managed to jam the sewing machine and it had to go off to get fixed but here is the first cushion finally done. It’s backed with some charcoal coloured cotton fabric from IKEA.


8 responses to “a little bit of ripping

  1. You have been very productive!! Great to see you blogging too 😉 Now some of these photos certainly sound like “work” to me!

  2. Considering I was feeling a bit bleurgh when I woke up this morning, it’s been quite a productive day!

  3. Cushion looks great! There now, sewing with the machine wasn’t so bad. 😉

    Bummer about the ripping but as you point out, it will be a better fit.

  4. The fabric is gorgeous! There’s nothing like whipping up a couple of cushions to make you feel productive 🙂

  5. That takes a lot of guts to rip out a completed sweater and reknit it…kudos to you! Love the wood buttons, they look great.

    I won’t dare tell you how long I’ve had my sewing machine and still not learned how to use it!!!

    • Staci, I just assumed you were a brilliant sewer! A cushion cover was a great starting out project, mostly straight lines but with the challenge of putting in a zipper.

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