2012 sky scarf

almond blossom against a Melbourne spring sky

I’d heard of project knitters, people who are more focused on the outcome, versus process knitters, people who are more focused on the practice of knitting, but how about conceptual knitters? Lea Redmond has started a conceptual knitting project, something that goes beyond knitting a garment or an accessory…

Most knitting patterns call for yarn, needles, and familiarity with abbreviations such as CO, K2tog, and St st. Typical patterns might even ask you to keep track of alternating colors on a grid. The Conceptual Knitting patterns you’ll find here are creatures of an entirely different sort.

Yes, you’ll need yarn, needles and basic knitting skills. But most importantly, you’ll need a sense of whimsy and adventure. These surprising patterns will inspire you to look out your window, ride the subway and converse with your next-door neighbor. They will have you re-reading your favorite book and feeding a pocketful of coins into the gumball machine in front of your supermarket. In order to knit these unique one-of-a-kind garments, you’ll be sent out into the world – and deep within your heart – turning something as simple as a scarf into an unexpectedly storied object.

The first project invites you to knit the weather in your part of the world over the course of a year by creating a sky scarf.

A “sky scarf” documents the weather out your window. Each day, you will knit a stripe in colors that match the sky. It will be lovely to see how different climates create different scarves! This pattern makes a 5-foot scarf over the course of one year.

At the end of the year you’ll have a beautiful scarf, but you’ll also have a record of what the sky looked like through the year in your part of the world, and you can share with other people through the Flickr and Ravelry groups.

Christmas day sky at my brother's house

Some people have decided to use the idea to knit a record of other things, like a person on Ravelry who has decided to track the colours of the maple tree out front of her house, but I’m going to knit a year of the Melbourne sky.

Rowan Felted Tweed "Maritime"

I have a couple of skeins of Rowan Felted Tweed in “Dragon” grey and “Maritime” blue and I’ve ordered another paler blue  and a pale grey. By using a relatively thin yarn you can double the strands to make lots of colour variations, like blue with pale grey for blue sky with clouds.

Anyone want to join in?

Details at the Conceptual Knitting page.


5 responses to “2012 sky scarf

  1. I do already and it’s so much fun, especially the moment when I pick the colours in the evening. It’s a bit like painting with yarn. But it won’t be a scarf after 365 days, more something like a wall hangings which I’ll decorate with different pictures of the sky. At least this is the plan 🙂

  2. That sounds really intriguing. But I think I’ll sit on the sideline and see how your Melbourne Sky Scarf turns out (I’m sure it’ll be stunning!)

  3. This is such a lovely idea! I’m going nuts making things for a market shop, but after that I’d definitely be interested in doing this. ^_^

    • I must get to see what you’re working on!

      You could start a sky scarf anytime really. I’m keeping a diary of what the sky has been like since new year with the plan to catch up when my extra yarn turns up, although then I thought I could start on my birthday in March, a sky scarf for my 53rd year (^-^)

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