this week in the garden

The birds have discovered the sugar cane mulch in the vegetable beds and have been having a wonderful frolic, but the seedlings aren’t doing so well, being scratched about by our little feathered visitors. Still, we harvested the first small tomatoes today along with grey and yellow button squash.

…and look! Soybeans!

Last summer I harvested some sunflower seeds before the galahs and cockatoos ate them all, but only one sunflower has sprouted this year. It’s a very handsome bronze one though, so I’ll try to save some more seeds for next year.

We’ve also had some micro horticulture going on in the kitchen, harvesting alfalfa, mustard and broccoli sprouts for sandwiches and it looks like the snowpea sprouts will be ready soon.

Hope you’re harvesting some stuff from your garden too!


2 responses to “this week in the garden

  1. Oh yum! We have lots of stuff coming through at the minute. Lettuce and strawberries are perfect but still waiting on tomatoes, corn, peppers and onions to name but a few… Love that I just wander outside and have a fresh salad within minutes 🙂

  2. Ooh strawberries! It’s wonderful even using a little home grown something when you’re making a meal. I had snow pea shoots in my lunchtime sandwich today!

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