Bread and radishes

Another day where the kitchen smells of freshly baked bread!

This is Wayne’s second go at baking bread using Jim Lahey’s “no work, no knead” bread in a pot method and it came out even better than the first.

We had meant to visit Jim’s Sullivan Street Bakery when we went to New York last year but somehow didn’t make it. If the bread is as good as this we must put it on the list for next time. The crust is super crusty and the inside is chewy and  delicious, a bit like ciabatta.

As the oven was warmed up Wayne also baked some potatoes, and I had harvested radishes from the veggie garden, and Vanessa Barrington’s D.I.Y. Delicious just happened to be sitting on the kitchen bench with a yummy looking potato, radish and green bean salad on the cover. Lunch sorted!

The baking smells appear to have attracted a couple of curious visitors too…


5 responses to “Bread and radishes

  1. We’ve just returned from NY and our apartment was 3 doors down from Sullivan Street. We regularly started the day with vegemite on bread from the bakery. It’s pretty darned tasty bread, especially when compared to all other American bread.

    My partner Josh has been making his own sourdough and has taken some tips from Jim. He’s not tried the covered method and if your results are anything to go by, I’m going to encourage an attempt as soon as the weather cools down.

    I’ve got a copy of Jim’s book on the way to us now. It was cheaper to get a copy delivered to Australia than to buy it from Sullivan St!

  2. Wow, Lauren! Breakfast at Sullivan Street bakery! We stayed at Radio City apartments and had toasted onion bagels with cream cheese. They were pretty good, but I’m sure the Sullivan Street bread was amazing.

    Do try the covered method… we use a large enamelled cast iron dutch oven, and I’m going to see if I can find a cast iron lidded loaf pan to make a sandwich loaf.

  3. Yum! Sounds great – do you have the recipe someplace?

  4. I’m with Penny – recipe please. Looks fabulous!

  5. For Penny & Gemma!
    We used the book but this looks like the same basic recipe.

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