Vintage knitting patterns for men: Villawool Book 92

I’m a big fan of vintage men’s knitting patterns, especially from the sixties. I love the clean design and the neat tailored look. The sizes fit me better too.

When I first started knitting I bought Rowan’s Classic knits for men which is full of great designs except that for most of the pullovers the smallest chest size is 48 inches, which is fine if you’re a smallish rugby player but would frankly look ridiculous on me.

1963 was a very good year for Villawool patterns with 16 pattern books published including five for men, and I’ve got four of them! I’m on the hunt for Book 97, but in the meantime here’s the first one, Villawool Book 92.

That fab chunky jumper on the right is knitted with three strands of DK yarn held together to give a gauge of 12 stitches to 10 cm — I reckon a single chunky yarn would be good too.



You might also like Villawool Book 96.


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