Good companions

After a hot day yesterday it is lovely and cool this morning so I took a wander around the vegetable patch. The lettuce are going gangbusters! They seem to prefer the cooler weather too. I think I’ll be picking some leaves for sandwich lunches during the week.

And for sandwich inspiration may I suggest a visit to Tifamade? She has some fab looking ones that she delivers on her pink bicycle in Paris (cakes too!)

Also for sandwiches, look! The radishes look ready to harvest.

I had planted a row of radishes in between two rows of carrots, because the radishes sprout quite quickly and so mark the place of the slower sprouting carrots (making it less likely that I will dig them up while looking for a spot to plant something else.) In this bed there are also dwarf bush beans and soy beans and, happy accident, it turns out that beans are good companions for both carrots and radishes! They do seem to be getting along very well in any case.

Keeping with the green theme, I’m wearing my new t-shirt featuring a very happy bookworm giraffe with his books. Books are good companions too, and it’s quite appropriate attire for a librarian, I think.



8 responses to “Good companions

  1. Love the giraffe!

  2. Super pretty radishes! And I love your idea of growing soy beans to make your own fresh edamame… Yum!

  3. Jules, have you grown soybeans before? I tried last year and they died in the heat, but I saved enough to try again… things are looking much more promising this year!

  4. Your lettuce and radishes look delish! I already miss our garden, sniff sniff!

    That t-shirt is awesome for a librarian 🙂

  5. My garden is a wasteland of dead plants 😦 Rod is waging war on the oxalis this year so I’m doomed to purchase my veges this summer. Still, I hope his plans work..

    Love the ‘raffe!

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