They might be giants (and knitted facecloths)

Last night we watched a rather splendid film that I remember watching… gosh over 20 years ago, They might be giants starring George C. Scott and Joanne Woodward.

George C. Scott plays a judge who has somehow come to believe he is Sherlock Holmes. His brother, in need of some money to pay off a couple of inept mafia types, tries to get him committed, which is how Mr Sherlock Holmes comes to find his Dr. Watson — the psychiatrist Dr. Mildred Watson it turns out, played wonderfully by Joanne Woodward.

Here they are riding the bus on the trail of a clue after Holmes deducts that the ransom note asking for “20 grand” is not an amount but an address, of course 20 Grand Street! And so the hunt is on to find Moriarty.

The film is a delight right up to the perfect conclusion.

While watching the adventures of Holmes and Watson  I finished off the first of my Christmas knitting projects, the Spa Day Facecloths by Anne Mancine that I’m knitting in Rowan Purelife naturally dyed organic cotton. The only other cotton I’ve knitted with before was truly horrible, like knitting with string, but this Rowan yarn is lovely and soft. A nice thing about knitting presents is that you get to use colours you wouldn’t usually knit for yourself… like pink!

The facecloth pattern makes a soft waffle weave fabric and I’m pretty pleased with how the first one came out — although I misread the pattern and only realised after casting off, so having gone back to fix it I have some extra yarn ends to weave in.  The first one is a soft dusky pink, just a little more pink than it appears in this picture, dyed with Brazilwood.


8 responses to “They might be giants (and knitted facecloths)

  1. Such lovely colors…I’m sure your mum will be thrilled with them!

  2. This Spa Day facecloth has a very pretty design. Thanks for the ravelry link to the design.This Rowan yarn looks very soft and the colours are light and pretty.

  3. Cute cloths! They must be nice to use too 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, I have now become obsessed with finding a copy of this movie for my very own! I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, and love vintage movies… a match made in heaven! Lovin’ the waffle weave 🙂

    • The movie is unfortunately hard to find, we’ve got a copy dubbed from an old VHS tape from the TV. But, like Holmes, we are on the hunt for a proper copy!

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