A day at the show

Wayne and I spent a lovely Sunday at the Royal Melbourne Show.

We hadn’t been for years, before the recent renovations certainly, and we were a little bit sad that some of the old halls had been knocked down.  It had lost some of its charm and some of its energy… but it was fun nonetheless.

We had scones with jam and cream at the Country Women’s Association dining room, saw the tea towel exhibition, and of course we saved the best for last… the craft and cookery competition.

Highly commended bunnies - in the craft hall

Unfortunately the craft and cookery has now relocated from the old 1920s arts and crafts hall to a somewhat less charming new pavilion, but there was a demonstration of wool spinning going on while we were there and there were some delightful handicrafts – especially the stuff done by kids – and Wayne picked up a cool kiwi biscuit cutter!

And of course we picked up the traditional Bertie Beetle show bag.

There are some more photos in our Flickr set.


One response to “A day at the show

  1. Fun 🙂 I like the bee cake!

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