P2tog tbl

We are spending a rainy Saturday afternoon at home and I’m working on my cardigan.

I’ve only knitted two complete jumpers, but I already know the feeling when you get to the arm hole decreases, like you are seriously on the way. I’ve just reached that point in my cardigan and this time I need to decrease at each end on a purl row. The left leaning purl decrease “purl 2 together through back loop” is tough!

My book says “It’s an awkward stitch and difficult to manipulate, so don’t be alarmed if you have a problem with it.” Too right. It’s like knitting gymnastics.

On my first attempt I somehow managed to decrease a stitch and accidentally pick up another one at the same time, which somewhat defeats the purpose of the exercise. I am stopping for a bowl of soup before I have another go…


One response to “P2tog tbl

  1. LOL, knitting gymnastics…that’s a perfect description!

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