Snail trails

Knitted snails on a lamp post in Exhibition Street.

I loved that somebody thought to stitch in the snail trails.


7 responses to “Snail trails

  1. Wonderful slow knitting!

  2. how wonderful ^_^ I love snails

    thanks for the Stash and Burn recommendation, had a listen this morning and it was lots of fun – rss feed seems to only go back to ep 97 hmm will have to investigate easy way to get the older ones into my music library

  3. thanks – I was being lazy and wanting to just grab them all from the feeds, but looks like I might need to do it manually to get the ones older than 92

  4. in regards to the Snails, my good friend Pebble Rogers made this. we also did the Big tree out the front of TRUNK on exhibition St. you can see more on facebook thru Yarn Corner 🙂

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