Some gentle knitting

I spent last Sunday, a lovely sunny spring day, finishing off my button collar pullover. Almost finished actually, because I just need to add the 3 buttons at the collar. I had some buttons which were ok, but after a couple of months of knitting I thought it deserved something a bit more special, so I’ve ordered a set of 4 vintage wooden buttons on Etsy.

Etsy is such a nice place. The buttons cost me $2 with $4 postage from the US  but I got an email from the seller saying the postage was a bit less than she thought it would be so she’s refunded me $2.

The jumper is now washed and blocked, and I promise pictures when I’ve sewn on the buttons. It’s my first go at raglan sleeves and I’m quite chuffed with the result. The yarn is Patons organic Eco Wool Chunky, which knits at the same gauge as Patons Jet (which is what the pattern called for).

Speaking of yarn, the pattern called for 17 balls of Jet and the Eco Wool had almost the same yardage, but I hate spending an entire project worrying that I won’t have enough so I bought 18 balls just in case. So how come I have nearly 5 balls left over? It’s not like I forgot to knit one of the sleeves or something.

(ps: If, like me, you do have some left over yarn, could I suggest that it might be good for knitting a Scarf for Japan? )


2 responses to “Some gentle knitting

  1. Hmm.. I don’t knit but I could send a felted scarf 🙂

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