Man socks

Yay!  I have finished knitting the socks for my dad…

These are “Man socks” by Hannah Fettig. Hannah must know men with very big feet. I stopped knitting about 2 inches shorter than the pattern said to do and they’re still at least an inch too long for me.  I’m hoping they’ll be ok for my dad.

The yarn is Peace Fleece in a charcoal grey colour “Father’s grey” with tiny  muted flecks of white, brown and green. It’s really lovely to knit with, very similar to Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, so I think I might plan to use it again.


4 responses to “Man socks

  1. Hope they keep him nice and warm 🙂 and hope you’re having a nice week off

  2. they look great Tony 🙂

  3. If i was going to knit a pair of socks, these are the socks i would knit!
    Really like ’em 😉

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