Stash plans in progress – Patons UK Eco Wool

I think this will be the last of my stash plans posts to finish off #blogjune… and this one is actually in progress. It’s a button collar raglan pullover in Patons UK Eco Wool in a grey/brown twist colourway called “Driftwood”. The pattern is from a Patons book, cute isn’t he it?

This is a roving style wool, very like the Sirdar Eco Wool I used for my first jumper project, and beautiful to knit with. I like the brown, but I think the grey is a little cold, so I’m hoping the overall effect will be ok.

I started out knitting the small size, but when I’d finished the back it looked really big. Comparing it with one of my store bought jumpers I realised that it was going to be very roomy indeed so I’ve started over on the XS size. Fingers crossed…

I’ve also been trawling through Etsy looking for some wooden buttons. I even found some made from avocado pips!


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