Stash plans – Stripey socks

Do other knitters ever get a slightly panicky feeling about what to do with all the  yarn in the stash? I confess I do, but I’ve decided I’m going to go through it and assign everything to a pattern so then  instead of a stash it will be a project queue. First off, stripey socks. In sock yarn no less!

Kate warned me I’d get addicted after knitting my first pair of socks. Those were thick, warm, wintry socks in worsted weight wool. I had planned another worsted weight yarn for my next sock project but now I think I might try something in actual sock yarn.

“Four needle socks” by Erika Knight from her book Simple knitting : a how-to-knit workshop with 20 desirable projects.

Regia Design Line “Jazz Color” also by Erika Knight


One response to “Stash plans – Stripey socks

  1. These socks look great 🙂 I love that you’ve managed to lay your hands on the actual yarn specified in the pattern!

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