Soup for lunch

Yesterday we were planning to go out in the car for the first time in three weeks but it wouldn’t start, so we spent the morning of the Queen’s Birthday holiday  waiting for the RACV to come and replace the car battery. The RACV battery guy thought the alternator might be cactus too… but when the RACV alternator guy arrived an hour later he said it was all ok. He looked pretty happy as he told me I’d just saved about $400.

Yesterday I started knitting a button collar pullover with my Patons UK Eco Wool, but realised after finishing the first skein that I’d been using the wrong size needles. I sat in the wintry sunshine on the back step this morning and started over, this time it’s going ok.

So all in all, things are turning out pretty well today. And home made soup for lunch.


3 responses to “Soup for lunch

  1. Wondering if you ever get frustrated at pulling your knitting out and starting over? Don’t think I have ever picked up on this, it would drive me crazy!!

  2. lovely lovely bowl!!!!!

  3. Jo, true but it would annoy me more to keep going and know there’s a mistake. I get lots of practice though!
    Hoi, it is a lovely bowl, Japanese blue maple leaves

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