Sweater p()rn

I was listening to Brenda Dayne’s knitting podcast Cast-on on the train ride home last night where she was talking about “sweater p()rn” — hereafter referred to as “SP” to try to avoid the spambots.

It’s a term I’d heard but hadn’t actually known what it meant. SP is where you’re watching a movie that features great knitwear, so much so that you pay more attention to the knits than the plot!

And then on Ravelry this morning I stumbled upon a thread discussing “great sweater movies” – someone described one movie as being “like a moving Rowan catalogue”. Rowan is a British yarn company that produces inspiring pattern books with stunningly beautiful photography that hints at another time and place.

I might knit one of these jumpers

I remember when we watched Ohayo!, a Japanese film from 1959, I was very taken by the wonderful clothes and fab knitwear — especially the jumpers worn by the kids. Must go back and watch it again!

Great scarf!


3 responses to “Sweater p()rn

  1. I love it. I watch movies for the ‘pottery pron’ lots of good shots have brilliant pottery and art. Now I will be watching for knitwear too!

  2. Harry Potter 7 part1 has some lovely sweaters 🙂 hopefully 7 part2 will too!

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