My other ride to work

For last year’s Blog every day of June I wrote about my bike ride to work. I’m aiming to ride in 3 days a week, but on the other days it’s the tram and train…

We are really lucky having the St George’s Road bike path and the 112 tram at the end of our street. I love the 112 but it’s so busy! Amazes me how a tram that runs every 3 minutes in peak times can be so packed. The 112 runs down St George’s Road, through North Fitzroy (where you can stop off on the way home for some groceries at Piedimonte’s supermarket) and then down Brunswick Street (where you can pick up bread and coffee).

I get off at Collins Street/Town Hall and then walk past all the cafes in Centre Place and Degraves Street. There’s a cafe in Centre Place that does a $5 coffee and muffin deal with excellent coffee and muffins, like raspberry and white chocolate, mmm…

Then past the Belgian waffle place and down the stairs and the art installations, quirky shops (and more coffee!) in Campbell Arcade to Flinders Street Station…

and catch the train to Swinburne at Glenferrie….

unless I get on the wrong train like I did yesterday and end up at…


2 responses to “My other ride to work

  1. I love that walk through Centre Place and Degraves St to the station. My favourite part of Melbourne.

  2. Good idea, maybe I should ‘draw’ my route to work and blog it too!!!

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