Fiber Beat

I’m just downloading the latest episode of another of my fave yarn podcasts, WonderMike’s Fiber Beat…  “There’s a million crafters in Fiber City and we’ve all got a yarn to spin.”

I’ve already downloaded and listened to episodes 1 to 18 so I’ve been looking forward to a new one for the past couple of weeks. Previous episodes have included in depth and engaging interviews with yarn artists and designers including big names such as Kaffe Fassett, and stories on all sorts of fibre arts   — not just knitting. It’s brilliantly produced, witty and informative, and sometimes makes me laugh out loud (I really shouldn’t listen when I pop into the supermarket at lunch time).

If you like listening to Fiber Beat, you might like to track down WonderMike’s previous collaboration with (Stephen) hizKNITS and their series of podcasts Y Knit…  “2 guys + 2 needles each + 2 microphones + a whole lot of balls”.

Download the podcasts…


One response to “Fiber Beat

  1. cool 🙂 thanks for the review- I’ve been meaning to chase this one up for a while –

    Glad you’re enjoying Caston – that was my first one and I’ve got through all 98 eps 🙂 unfortunately hasn’t been any for quite a while and they went a bit off topic in the later seasons (I’d prefer a bit more about knitting) but I love Brenda’s voice 🙂

    My other faves are NeverNotKnitting and the Manic Purl, but they’re very heavily knitting/yarn project based so they’re a bit different. Have you tried Sticks & String? – nice to hear an Australian voice

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