Two guys at the bus stop

I was checking Twitter while we were at the Alma meetings in Brisbane last week as a story unfolded of how the so-called Australian Christian Lobby had organised a campaign to have safe sex posters removed from Brisbane bus stops. If you missed it, Julia has a great description of the story on her blog.

Michael James, who appears in the ad with his real-life partner, organised a Facebook protest page, and it was great to see people getting involved on other social media like Twitter. Yet again it seemed like Twitter was way ahead of the old-style media and by the end of the day we got word — through Twitter — that the ads would be put back.

That was Wednesday night. The poster people must have been busy on Thursday because early on Friday morning I went out for a walk and spotted this…


4 responses to “Two guys at the bus stop

  1. Hope this poster thing will work out in Brisbane!!!!! People like me in different part of Australia are watching closely!!!!

  2. There was also a facebook online ‘event’ created that had 50,000 attending when I joined it the same day it was created, and now it has 93,000… Homophobia – NOT HERE – Adshel Caves to Homophobic Pressure

    So I think this contributed to the turn around…

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