Cast-on: a podcast about knitting

Before I left for the trip to Brisbane I loaded up a dozen or so of Brenda Dayne’s knitting podcasts onto my iPod. How fantastic!

Brenda is witty and charming and every one of her podcasts is filled with stories, interviews, and all sorts of fibre related chat and gossip.  Brenda says she planned her podcast series Cast -on to be like a spoken word knitting and crafting magazine — which is perfect because, unlike a regular magazine, you can listen and knit at the same time.

Brenda is originally from the United States, but she’s been living in Wales for the past 10 years with her partner Tonia, so the  topics range far and wide across the yarn scene in Britain and North America.

I’m going to go right back to the very first episode in 2005 and download all of them. As Brenda says, it’s time to get out your pointy sticks boys and girls, it’s time to Cast-on.


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