Sweater Quest

I’ve been listening to quite a few knitting podcasts over the past couple of weeks and, as I’ll be away on a work trip for a few days, I thought I’d download a whole bunch of them onto my iPod. They’ll be something fun and cosy and comfortable to listen to in my hotel or while stuck in airports.

And, speaking of being stuck in airports, that’s where I was first introduced to Adrienne Martini’s Sweater Quest: my year of knitting dangerously.

I’d bought Adrienne’s book on our trip to New York last November and saved it to read on the long flight home. That turned out to be a very long flight because we were booked to fly on a Qantas A380 the day after they’d all been grounded due to an “incident” and we ended up stuck in Los Angeles. If I tell you I finished reading it while lounging next to the LAX Sheraton’s swimming pool, that will sound a whole lot more glamourous than it actually was.

Adrienne’s Sweater Quest is to spend a year knitting the Holy Grail of sweaters — Alice Starmore’s Mary Tudor — a sweater so complicated to knit that experienced knitters gasp at the mention of it. As if that isn’t enough, the pattern can only be found in a rare out of print book and it requires an even more rare discontinued yarn.

The book is a rollicking good read and, even better, Adrienne has recently been making Sweater Quest: The Podcast that you can download for free from her blog. I’d loaded all the episodes up to chapter 6 ready for my trip away but I’ve already listened to them. Lucky I’ve got some other podcasts saved up for the trip…


2 responses to “Sweater Quest

  1. I think I will need to read this book. Are the podcasts the same as the book?

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