Button holes are bastards

I’ve finished knitting all the pieces for my tweedy cardigan, but I’m saving the big sewing all the seams and put it all together project for the weekend. Actually I’m not quite finished knitting the pieces, I still have to finish knitting the button band. This will be my first attempt at buttonholes so must re-read Maggie Righetti’s chapter “Buttonholes are bastards” from her book Knitting in plain English! I also need to go shopping for the buttons.

The instructions say to join with the pieces with top stitching, which isn’t in any of my books and the only thing I could find through Google was somebody else asking the same question. The consensus seems to be that they probably mean mattress stitch, so I’m going to try that.

In the meantime I’ve started on Sami Kaplan’s What a mighty good manly scarf using Jo Sharp Silk Road, a blend of wool, silk and cashmere in a subtle tweedy yellow called Ambrosia. The textured pattern is, I think, called American Moss Stitch with two rows of knit the knits and purl the purls before switching stitches and I think it shows off the colours nicely – the pattern is a free download on Ravelry.


2 responses to “Button holes are bastards

  1. Oh, don’t tell me buttonholes are bastards! The scarf looks lovely though 🙂

  2. awesome – I think this green wool shows off the stitch texture much better than the one used in the official pattern 🙂

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