The sleeve

Every boy librarian should have a cardigan, and my tweedy autumn cardigan was going quite well until I got to the sleeve. I probably should not try to knit while engrossed in watching Top Chef Just Desserts. This may explain why, when the pattern says to cast on 27 stitches, I cast on 33 and then didn’t notice something was wrong until I got to the second sleeve increase.

Started over but somehow managed to reknit the entire sleeve ribbing with one 5mm needle and one 6mm needle. Groan…

Having started over a third time and knitted a fair way up the sleeve, I tried wrapping the ribbing around my wrist and it is really way too small. And I’ve got small wrists. So… I’ll start over again tonight and cast on some extra stitches then adjust the sleeve increases. I may end up casting on 33 stitches after all.

I do love the Rowan yarn though.

My dad has been in hospital but he’s now home again so I took a day off work and drove down to Rosebud for a visit, and on the way back called in to Herronswood for a quiet wander around the lovely garden…


3 responses to “The sleeve

  1. Hope your Dad is much better now

    Watching Top Chef Just Desserts & knitting does sound rather fun though 🙂 Maybe you just need a super simple project for when distracted by desserts… I have like 6 projects on the go – getting a bit silly

    Love the yarn 🙂

  2. Aaargh! Hope there are no more unravels in your future. It’s looking good all knitted up. Glad your Dad is improving.

  3. Thanks Nys and Penny. Cardigan is on the way again!

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