Easter gardening

Digging in the garden and I can’t believe how unfit I am! Will have to get back on the bike after Easter…

We planted a few beds of vegetables in the kitchen garden last summer only to discover that our dogs have quite a taste for them. Every single broccoli plant had the top munched right off, and then they started on the cabbages. They are now happily finishing off the last of the tomatoes. So the Easter garden project is to reorganise the vegetable beds and then build a rustic fence around them to keep marauding doglets away.

In between gardening, having abandoned the yellow vest (of which we shall no longer speak) I’ve started on a nice little project: Jared Flood’s Turn a Square hat, using the Morris Woollahra and Noro Silk Garden that I picked up at the Morris and Sons sale before Christmas. I’ve also washed and blocked the Scottish Tweed socks I finished knitting last week.

ps: one of the marauding dogs wondering what’s going on…


3 responses to “Easter gardening

  1. Wow! Your garden looks amazing! And look at that cheeky little dog’s face.. “Don’t build a fence! I’ll be good! Promise!”.

    Let me know what you thing of the Woollahra; I love it but it did break on a few times (but you mightn’t have the problem if you’re knitting… I generally pull my crochet stitches super tight).

  2. Hah! He’s plotting how to get in… with his partner in crime http://www.flickr.com/photos/bonitoclub/5291208741

    I liked the Woollahra although it did break on me once. To be fair, I was pulling it pretty hard to try to neaten the seams. I liked the Noro too!

  3. aaargh! Ours is full of weeds. Really need to get in and huck it out for the winter. So funny about the doglets eating broccoli 🙂

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