Cerus scarf and gloves for a chilly morning

Autumn has arrived in Melbourne, yesterday was almost wintry, so just as well I’ve managed to finish a couple of my knitting projects. Here is the Cerus scarf…

This drove me a bit nuts at the beginning until I got the hang of the slip stitch pattern. It also drove me nuts because it begins with casting on 355 stitches! Unfortunately I had to rip back a couple of times and with the fuzzy Rowan Tapestry proving almost impossible to frog I ended up abandoning quite a few rows. In fact I ordered an extra skein but in the end I didn’t need it.

The scarf pattern is by Hilary Smith Callis, linen stitch knitted longways. The textured pattern looks lovely, almost woven, and is shown off beautifully with the graded colour changes of the Rowan yarn that Hilary recommended. The colour is Country — it’s like a country walk in winter with a mix of earthy browns and cloudy greys.

I also finished my gloves, just in time for chilly morning bike rides to work. The pattern is for Patons Totem but I knitted these in Sirdar Balmoral, a blend of wool, alpaca and silk — very nice, and much better than the horrible acrylic gloves I bought last winter. The colour is Pheasant.


5 responses to “Cerus scarf and gloves for a chilly morning

  1. That scarf is beautiful! I love the gradient of colors. ^_^

  2. Oh these are lovely Tony. The scarf does look woven as you say!

  3. thank you both!

  4. I love the scarf! I’ve had that pattern on my list for ages and you’ve just reinspired me- thanks! And gloves- man, I’m totally impressed…


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