Sydney yarn excursion

I was in Sydney for a few days for work and on Sunday took the train to Newtown for a wander down King Street. It started off horribly hot and humid but a cool change arrived dramatically as I was waiting to cross the street and by the time I got to the other side it was cold!

Coffee and a Yarn is a yarn and coffee shop at 413 King Street. Coming out of the train station, cross the street, turn to your left and walk for about 5 minutes. There’s a sandwich board out front advertising all their classes and inside there’s a small selection of yarn, knitting and crochet accessories and books, and big tables for knitting and crafting. The coffee was really good and a bargain for Sydney at $3.

I didn’t buy any yarn, just a coffee, then went for a stroll down King Street on a fruitless search for another yarn shop The Granny Square but I’d forgotten to write down the address and it eluded me (it’s further down the city end at 47 King Street). I did get some delicious pastizzi at the Pastizzi Cafe though.

After a lovely afternoon I got the train back to Town Hall station for a spot of shopping at Kinokuniya — 20% off craft books!


2 responses to “Sydney yarn excursion

  1. Oh I wish I could have done this too!

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