Gloves for a chilly morning

This weekend’s project is a pair of men’s gloves for chilly Melbourne mornings. Last winter I had to buy some gloves for bike riding to work (horrible acrylic things) but these should be much nicer knitted in Sirdar Balmoral, a blend of wool, alpaca and silk.

The colour is Deerstalker, a soft sage green, left over from my abandoned earlier attempt at the “2 needle socks” pattern. I really like knitting with the Sirdar Balmoral, and it seems very forgiving of my less than perfect tension. This is the best 1×1 ribbing I think I’ve ever managed to get.

For future projects I’ve also got 3 balls of pale brown Balmoral in a colour called Pheasant, and one ball of Gamekeeper, a beautiful darker heathered brown that I bought to try out and which has now unfortunately been discontinued. Bummer.

It took me a while to realise that the Balmoral colours are all named after things to do with British royalty and country estates… as well as my Deerstalker, Gamekeeper and Pheasant there is a brilliant Buckingham blue, a pale brown Sandringham, a lovely green called Highlander, and I’m tempted to buy some Corgi just for the name!


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