2 needle socks???

OK, I am calling time on this “2 needle sock” pattern. Look at this…

When I got to the heel I not only needed a spare needle, I also needed to put the instep stitches on a stitch holder before joining to work in the round. So much for 2 needles — that’s really 4 needles. Juggling three full size needles and a stitch holder is not fun. And after doing this I still need to stitch up a seam down the back of the leg, and there’s another seam coming up on the foot.

So I have abandoned this particular sock pattern and will wait for my set of double-point needles to arrive in the post. Then I’ll do the “Starter Stockinette” sock from Betsy Lee McCarthy’s Knit socks! I’ve got the yarn all ready, 2 skeins of Cascade 220, colour “Scottish Tweed”, from Purl Soho in New York.

This project hasn’t been a complete waste of time though… the “textured” pattern is beautiful and simple and I’ll see if I can use that in a future project, and I really like the Sirdar Balmoral yarn. The leftovers may become a glove.


3 responses to “2 needle socks???

  1. Are these from a book? I couldn’t see the pattern on Rav – interested to have a read about it as it sounds strange
    It’s lovely yarn though 🙂

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