My first jumper finished, almost

I was aiming to have my first jumper done and dusted by the end of the year. Didn’t quite make the deadline but got  it all finished on 3 January, the last day of my Christmas break. This weekend I’ll be washing and blocking it – my first go at blocking!  I am just a tiny bit scared. Here’s a before photo – I’m hoping the shoulder seams will sit a bit better after blocking.

And yesterday my package from Purl Soho arrived. Three skeins of beautiful Brooklyn Tweed Shelter which I’m planning to use for Erika Knight’s striped scarf from Classic knits for men. I had started that scarf using another yarn just before we left for New York but it didn’t work out.

The Shelter colours are Soot, Faded Quilt and Almanac. Lovely aren’t they?  I also got two skeins of Cascade 220 Peruvian wool in black and brick red Scottish Tweed to make a pair of socks from Betsy Lee McCarthy’s Knit Socks!


5 responses to “My first jumper finished, almost

  1. That wool looks divine and those colours are just beautiful!! What is blocking and why do you have to do it?

    • Well, not having actually done it yet… blocking is the finishing process where you set the garment to the correct shape and it should also make seams sit better and smooth out the odd bumpy stitch. Most books say to block the pieces before you stitch up the seams but I’m following Debbie Stoller’s advice, she says nobody does that and just to block after it’s done. Fingers crossed!

    • Blocking update… went very well and shoulder seams now sit much better. Needs a little more drying time, but I tried it on and it is just a bit big for me. Hard to get modern mens patterns that fit properly if not built like a rugby player!

  2. Yay! will look forward to seeing finished project after blocking ^_^ looks super professional

  3. The wool looks beautiful. Love the colours. When I was doing smocking I had to do blocking too. It was always a bit nerve wracking getting the piece to sit right and I used lots of pins to anchor it to the ironing board.

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