Murder mystery a month club

Having made it to the last day of the Twitter librarians “blog for the 12 days of Christmas” challenge, I have now signed on for the Twitter librarians “mystery a month” read along challenge – more at @polyxena’s blog.

The book for January is Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. I can almost never remember who the villain was when I reread Christie’s books but I do remember whodunnit in this one. But it doesn’t matter, it’s almost as much fun spotting the clues even when you know.

I first started reading Agatha Christie books when I spent 3 months in Japan in 1984. In even the smallest bookshop in any town there would be a little corner of English language books and always some Christies.  I’d take them back to read in my Japanese inn, a cozy English murder to read while tucked up in my futon.


3 responses to “Murder mystery a month club

  1. Thanks for blogging about #librarytwittermysteryamonth. I hadn’t heard about it yet but it sounds excellent! And Christie’s novel is one I had always meant to read, but never gotten around to. Guess I’ve got a reason to, now!

  2. Yes, I shall. I was in Beerwah Library today and organised delivery of a copy of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ from the Noosa branch. So if I get it late next week, that should still give me enough time to read it (around kids, work, etc!) and post a blog before the end of Jan – I hope!

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