Knitting resolutions

Reading @katejf’s blog post about her crafting resolutions for the new year got me thinking that I should do likewise.

So, may I present my contribution to the 2011 crafting resolutions meme…

  1. I will knit another jumper this year (or a vest or a cardigan).
  2. I will knit the Cerus scarf I bought the Rowan Tapestry yarn for.
  3. I will knit the Erika Knight striped scarf that I used as justification for ordering 3 skeins of beautiful Brooklyn Tweed Shelter — from Purl Soho in New York, sigh…
  4. Having knitted some fingerless mitts I will knit something with fingers.
  5. I will knit something with cables.
  6. I will knit socks.
    — ooh, have just started knitting a pair of cable socks, so that ticks off 5 and 6!
  7. I will not buy 10 balls of yarn online that I have never seen in real life so I won’t get a nasty surprise when I see the actual colour (Rowan Summer Tweed “Sprig”, I’m looking at you).
  8. If I haven’t used a yarn before, I will buy one ball to knit up a swatch and see if I like it before I invest in buying more. This is not a “waste”, it’s sensible. That way I won’t end up with 15 balls of a yarn I don’t like knitting with.
  9. I should realise that sometimes I can like a yarn and I can like a project, but the yarn and project don’t like each other. This is ok. The yarn can just wait in the stash until Mr Right comes along.
  10. I will not buy yarn just because it’s a “bargain”. If I don’t love it, it’s not worth my time.

7 responses to “Knitting resolutions

  1. ohhh I like resolutions 9 and 10, I always ‘forget’ those. Thats a big list – thankfully its better knitting temperature in Melbourne.

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  3. LOL I have so done no. 7 and no. 8 – still have the bags of wool in my linen cupboard & still waiting (as in no. 9) for the ‘right’ project – which could be a donation to the local aged care facility 🙂

  4. I like that you call your nice project “Mr Right” – I have got into a weird habit of calling all sorts of inanimate objects “guy” … ambitious list – I like it!

  5. Sounds like some great plans! will look forward to see the projects in creation 🙂 we need some more stichnbitch adventures 🙂

  6. I think I need to make some similar resolutions wrt fabric! 🙂

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