the almond tree

We planted the almond tree about 10 years ago and the 2011 plan is to make a small lawn area to sit in its dappled shade. It’s a variety called “All in one”, so named because it doesn’t need another variety to pollinate it. It’s very prolific and covered in masses of white blossom for a couple of weeks from late winter that then flutter down like snowflakes. It usually flowers in early August, sometimes even late July, so I always think it’s a sign that the worst of the wintry weather is almost over and spring isn’t too far away.

We don’t usually get many almonds to eat as word has gotten out to the local lorikeet population who head over from the Merri Creek for feast. They eat the almond kernels and then drop the shells down to Willy the dog who brings them in for a chomp on the lounge room rug.


3 responses to “the almond tree

  1. I love blossom trees of any kind, and have been on the hunt for one for our new house. Beautiful images that so match the text.

  2. How beautiful! I try to do the same with my garden, plan for the future etc, but we always end up moving before I see my plans through to fruition…
    Yours looks gorgeous, though. Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll enjoy that area even more when you’ve finished the lawn underneath. You’ll have to post the photos when you’re done!

  3. heh heh – we have a similar problem with our fruit trees. Only our thieves aren’t quite so colourful.

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