Finishing off things for the end of the year

My jumper in progress - and Willy

I was planning to finish knitting my first jumper by year’s end but I didn’t quite make it.

We went to Tokio yesterday for a final 2010 Japanese lunch and to see Kiyomi and Etsuo. Kiyomi told me that Japanese new year お正月 really stretches into the first couple of days of January, so I may yet finish by Japanese new year!

I got the shoulder seams and the collar ribbing finished yesterday. The American pattern called for seaming both shoulders first and then picking up the neck stitches and knitting the collar on a 16″ circular needle. I tried that but I had terrible problems trying to pick up the stitches, so…  I ripped out one of the shoulder seams, picked up the neck stitches on a longer circular needle and knitted it longways, then stitched it up along with the other shoulder seam.

I had planned to add an extra knit stitch to the neck ribbing to allow for the seam but miscalculated.  How can you count stitches twice and still end up with the wrong number?  Anyhoo, I don’t think it looks too bad and as knitting guru Elizabeth Zimmerman is reputed to have said, if you couldn’t see the mistake while galloping past on a horse don’t sweat it.


3 responses to “Finishing off things for the end of the year

  1. It looks good. I hope you are going to wear it and it is not always gping to be adog bed! He looks very photogenic on it nonetheless. I must show you a photo of my Christmas teacozy with one of @ladymidnight cats on it!

  2. I love the Elizabeth Zimmermann comment – must remember that. Congratulations and well done on (almost) finishing your jumper. It’s a lovely feeling when you’ve accomplished a new creation.

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