A project for next year

As I wrap up the end of 2010 with my manly jumper almost finished,  it’s nice to have something to look forward to for 2011.  The promise of something new…

The 4 skeins of Rowan Tapestry I ordered online from frosty England arrived in the post box this week just in time. It’s for the beautiful Cerus scarf, knitted longways in linen stitch. In the pictures on Ravelry it looks almost woven.

The Tapestry yarn is 85% wool and 15% soybean fibre. It’s actually a bit more brown than it looks in the photo.

Who knew you could knit with soybeans?


4 responses to “A project for next year

  1. Just had a look at the scarf on Ravelry – it’s gorgeous! It will look great with that yarn 🙂

  2. Cool! I actually printed this pattern a month or so ago to try out the stitch. Was really fun 🙂 You’ll like it!

    I spent lots of time this morning hunting for non-wool options for myself as I’m so sensitive to it :/ not having much luck finding something springy enough to do a rib pattern. I’ve got some of this: http://www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/jaeger-roma but it’s discontinued 😦
    Maybe I should check out something with more soy fibre

  3. heh – yeah, I find that sort of fibre intriguing. Bamboo the same.

  4. Soybeans!? Wow! That’s pretty incredible…

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