Garden inspiration

The best gifts not only bring you joy but inspire you, as has the beautiful The Edible Garden by Alys Fowler. We watched the TV series back in the spring and I should have got off the couch but I’m afraid with the up and down weather and a series of colds our edible garden has been falling slightly into ruin.

But today, the day after Christmas, I have been in the garden removing the remains of the spring vegetables that have gone to seed and pulling out the broccoli and cabbage stalks. The broccoli and cabbage heads were half eaten – we had thought they were being eaten by some sort of giant bug but discovered that Willy and Kuma have a taste for cruciferous vegetables.

The brick raised bed alongside the garage now has the beginnings of a lavender hedge to attract the bees, and some herbs like oregano and thyme. I’ve been thinking of putting in some rhubarb and asparagus there too. Will need to do some research to see if it will be a suitable spot.

I’ve started on some new paths using the recycled old red bricks and have been moving around  the wooden edging because the plan is to build a little rustic fence around some of the veggie beds to keep marauding doggies at bay. Like this one…


One response to “Garden inspiration

  1. heh heh – funny about the doglets eating the veges. If you do plant rhubarb, make sure they can’t get at it because (if you didn’t know already) the leaves are poisonous to dogs (and to us too I think).

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