Meeting Amy Sedaris

Amy and friend demonstrating some craft

Our last night in New York had a crafty link as we got to go see Amy Sedaris doing a book launch for her fab Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People at the lovely Barnes & Noble store in Union Square.

There would have been a few hundred people there to see Amy doing some crafting, telling stories and answering questions from the audience.

On an earlier day we’d seen people settling in at lunchtime to score a good seat for an evening book launch, but we didn’t want to waste our last afternoon so chanced on getting there a half hour or so before the show started. We still got seats even if they were down the back a bit!

Wayne and Amy

Amy was charming and funny and seemed a little taken aback at the genuine love she had from the crowd.

After the talk and the questions, people could stay back to have their books signed and have a little chat.  Wayne bought the book and also a CD, so we sat back and waited with the other fans for our turn.

As well as the book and CD, we picked up some last minute purchases — some Jonathan Adler tsotchkes and an alabaster owl —  then we went out into the evening and ate felafel in drizzly Union Square while drinking mint tea before riding home on the subway for the last time.

Very special.


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