My New York yarn excursion

We arrived back in Melbourne yesterday from New York via an exhausting diversion to LA where we were stranded for a day or so due to the Qantas A380 problems. I’m so glad that we managed to talk our way onto the supposedly fully booked LA-Melbourne flight at midnight on Saturday otherwise we would still be there for days yet.

Lion Brand Studio

But back to happier times and our holiday in New York. I had written down a few addresses of yarn shops to check out and managed to get to two of them.

The Lion Brand Yarn Studio is a store dedicated to Lion Brand yarn and it’s in a great location on West 15th Street, near Union Square.  They had some yarn that would be perfect for my next jumper project but I’m afraid my suitcase was already looking worryingly full so I just did some gentle browsing. I liked the  Statue of Liberty window display with knitted map and the textile graffiti covers on the door handles.

Purl Soho

Next on my list was Purl Soho, a gorgeous yarn and sewing shop on Broome Street in Soho. I had tried to find it another day and got lost, but it turned out to be just around the corner from the Jonathan Adler store in Greene Street that we visited for some groovy shopping on our first day. The staff there were lovely and for once I wasn’t the only guy in the shop.

Brooklyn Tweed "Shelter"

I settled on 3 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter yarn in a dark forest green with plans for Jared Flood’s “Wayfarer” scarf. Walking back to the subway station I was torn by thoughts of another scarf pattern so went back and bought another skein just in case.

A travel tip: skeins of yarn are excellent for stuffing in the new shoes you also bought on your trip 🙂


2 responses to “My New York yarn excursion

  1. ooo sounds like lots of fun ^_^ (except for the delayed plane trip)
    I was on a plane that day too and the screens on the back of all the seats were shows pics of broken engines :s

    Ohh I’ve been reading about Shelter recently! Could you bring some into work some time (next stitch n bitch?) so I can have a peek? 🙂

  2. I stumble upon Purl Bee every now and then, didn’t realize they had such a nice b&m. Welcome back!

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