Split splicing wool

Having lots of scrappy yarn ends hanging from your knitting project is just a reminder that when you get to the end you’re going to have to tediously darn them invisibly into your work. So, I was intrigued to read Theresa Vinson Stenersen’s article about split-splicing yarn on Knitty.

A couple of days ago I started knitting a jumper using Sirdar Eco Wool, a beautifully soft organic undyed wool which is a perfect candidate for trying out this technique. I got to the end of the first ball of yarn today so I decided to give it a go.

Fingers crossed, but it seemed to work really well. In fact, after it had dried it was pretty hard to work out where the join was. Split-splicing will only work with a natural fibre like wool, but Theresa has a couple of other techniques you can try with other kinds of yarn. Give it a go, and let me know how it works out!


One response to “Split splicing wool

  1. I can now confidently report that, having accidentally spliced a new ball of wool to my cast on yarn end by mistake, splicing does make a strong join. It was quite tough to untangle it.

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