A lovely surprise

I got a phone call at work a few days ago from a lovely man named John who asked if I was the guy who collected old menus. Yes! John had inherited some old menus from a relative who travelled on the liner Orion in 1960 and he wanted to find someone who would appreciate them. He must have gone to a bit of effort to track me down. They arrived in the mail this week. Nine beautiful old menus featuring paintings of flowers, one for each port of call on the ship’s voyage.

Menus from the Orion, 1960

“This series of flower-pieces has been designed and drawn for the Orient Line as reminders of the many fascinating parts of the world at which Orient liners call.”

Wouldn’t it have been great to collect these memories of your voyage? A note says you can also request a complete set from the head waiter!

I had meant to write back to John to thank him for his thoughtfulness, but I have accidentally chucked out the envelope with his address. If you are out there John… thank you!


3 responses to “A lovely surprise

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when people track you down to share things they no longer have space for! I have a small wooden chair from the family of one of Australia’s first women doctors. Passed to me when I was doing my honours paper on that topic.

  2. Thank you for sharing this story – wow the world is full of wonderful people

  3. This makes me think of some archival material we were adding in Image Bank – great personalised menus with caricatures for the retirement dinners of staff members


    You’ll need to click on the pdf link at the bottom of the page to see the other pages

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