Coffee and a Yarn

The day before our visit to UTS Library I took the train to Newtown for a wander down King Street. Coffee and a Yarn is a coffee shop which also sells yarn and has big tables set up so you can knit or crochet while you get your caffeine fix. I needed to head further down the street for a yummy lunchtime snack at the Pastizzi Cafe first, but by the time I’d made my way back up the street Coffee and a Yarn was packed and I couldn’t get a seat.

It was great to see people of all ages chatting, knitting and sipping. They also have a yarn selection in the back of the store, they run classes and their coffee gets great reviews. Will be sure to take a knitting project with me on my next Sydney trip. Wish they had a branch in Melbourne.

ps: I like the ghost sign on the top of the building too!


One response to “Coffee and a Yarn

  1. sounds like a great shop. I love these dual purpose places.

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