Lunch at Munster Haus

I went to the gym in the morning and was already thinking about lunch at Munster Haus, a build yourself selection of vegetarian mains, side dishes and salads. This is the medium deal, but I should have paid the $2 extra and had the large dish. Because it was healthy I didn’t feel at all guilty having a cupcake for afternoon tea – a gift from the lovely Gemma at Outre Gallery.

This is my first pic in the Twitter #1pic1thoughtinAug challenge – see other 1pic1thoughtinAug photos on Flickr.


2 responses to “Lunch at Munster Haus

  1. Yum, looks fabulous. If this restaurant was closer to my home I would eat there often. Is that a small plate for the medium deal? It looks a large feed, but I guess that would be a giant brussels sprout if it was on a large plate 🙂

  2. I was just feeling hungry!

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