Thinking about spring

Kuma guarding the seedlings

Even in the middle of a Melbourne winter I can always look forward to some spring sunshine and gardening when the Diggers Club annual seed catalogue arrives, and it landed in the post box this week!

I had planned to make a winter vegetable garden this year and planted a bed of root veggies like parsnips and carrots, but it got overrun by perennial weeds so I had to rip it out.

Willy guarding the kitchen garden

I left it too late to plant the broad bean and snowpea seeds I bought, but I do have some punnets of non-tender veggies ready to go in when it gets just a little warmer… things like spring onions and lettuce and broccoli.

And it’s fun to read through the Diggers Club catalogue on a wintry afternoon planning more purchases… ooh, white zucchini!


6 responses to “Thinking about spring

  1. Don’t you love the fact that the dogs have to be right next to what you are doing? Makes planting/digging much more of a challenge, but so much more fun also. Miss 10 and I have just started our vege garden so bring on the fun (or dead things!)

  2. strawberriesofintegrity

    Love it! I seriously envy those who grow from seed. I am one of those *whispers* “seedling” people….
    I used to like looking through my MIL’s Digger’s catalogues- it’s so inspiring!

  3. The weather is very odd in Perth to grow anything now but you inspired me to join the Diggers Club!!!!! (cute doggies!!!!)

  4. Jo, right next to or on top of! Also, apparently sugar cane mulch is an excellent place for hiding bones in.

    Kate, be brave! Start with big seeds like zucchini.

    Hoi, glad I’ve inspired you to sign up to Diggers. Pity you’re a bit far away to visit it in person!

  5. Well I’m close but I have a garden that is VERY much only in process right now. I dug for 3 hours yesterday and 3 hours today, and have a hole about the size of 40 cm by 40cm. Mutter, mutter, mutter.

  6. seed catalogues are like p0rn for gardeners I think. They make me all excited! 😛

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