30 things meme

Thanks to @MissSophieMac, 30 things I’ve done this month besides #blogeverydayofjune

  1. Farewelled a much loved colleague at work
  2. Planted broccoli seedlings
  3. Picked up some brochures for gym memberships
  4. Chopped down a viburnum bush I planted too close to the house
  5. Cleared a blocked drain
  6. Walked the dogs
  7. Went to the doctor (twice)
  8. Went with Wayne to the hospital
  9. Rode my bike to work
  10. Got new tyres for the bike
  11. Started the 10,000 steps challenge
  12. Entered the World Cup soccer tipping comp
  13. Bought a shirt at the Ben Sherman sale
  14. Started knitting a vest
  15. Fixed the rip in my bike jacket
  16. Discovered Munster Haus, a great local vegetarian cafe
  17. Got a postcard from my brother in London
  18. Booked a hotel reservation in New York
  19. Ordered a book from the Book Depository
  20. Downloaded some more Japanese language podcasts onto the iPod
  21. Got my certificate in the mail for Cert. II in Applied Language
  22. Saw Light in Winter at Federation Square
  23. Went to Outre Gallery
  24. Read an issue of Monocle magazine
  25. Hung up a mirror in the bedroom
  26. Hung up two Tretchikoff prints in the lounge room
  27. Watched The Lady Vanishes on DVD
  28. Made and ate quite a lot of soup
  29. Went to quite a lot of meetings to do with the new library system
  30. Got a new Prime Minister

9 responses to “30 things meme

  1. I laughed at number 30! Soup is good when you’re feeling crook.

  2. Well done! I also did 7, 19, 28 and 30!

  3. Ooh Tretchikoff prints- which ones? And which version of The Lady Vanishes? I watched the Cybill Shepherd/ Elliott Gould version so many times. And I think I have done no 28 every week too 🙂 Love no 30!

    • Re Lady Vanishes, the Cybill Shepherd one! Watched it on Sunday afternoon.

      There are 4 Tretchikoff’s in all, we’ve now hung 2 together over the TV as they have matching frames… I think one is Miss Wong or perhaps Lady from Orient? Will consult @WaltPanorama, the Tretchikoff expert.

  4. I hope Wayne is alright….

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  6. oh man – i like number 23!

  7. number 23 was one of my favourites too!

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