Melbourne and Sydney

I’ve lived in Melbourne since I was 5 months old. When I was in my twenties I always thought I’d end up living in Sydney, but it never happened. Instead, Sydney became a fun place to visit, but I’ve decided that Melbourne is home.

I love visiting Sydney though. I’ve got my favourite bookshops to visit… Kinokuniya in the city and Ariel and Berkelouw in Oxford Street. And I’ve been visiting Sydney long enough to be nostalgic about some of the things that have vanished… like Remo in Oxford Street, and Gowings — at least you could always nick out of a dull paper at the Information Online Conference and buy a shirt.

These illustrations of Sydney and Melbourne are from old ship menus, “a series of twelve lithographed impressions by Miss Nancy Guest of some of the ports of call of the Orient Line route between England and Australia.” Nancy Guest was an Australian artist born in 1904. That’s about all I’ve been able to find out about her. The Sydney one reminds me of a Margaret Preston linocut. Beautiful.

“Sydney” is from the liner Orion in 1947 and “Melbourne” is from the liner Orontes in 1956.


2 responses to “Melbourne and Sydney

  1. strawberriesofintegrity

    Perfect post. As an ex-Sydney girl, I have to admit Melbourne has it all over Sydney.

  2. Hmmm…I have lived in Sydney all my life and…agree totally. I’ve always found Melbourne more to my taste than Sydney and spent most of my life trying to move somewhere else. Have failed every time. I sort of like Sydney these days, but Melbourne is way better. Always. I miss Gowings too.

    I like those illustrations…I reckon I wouldn’t mind an enlarged version on my wall somewhere.

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