A carry-bag for the folding bike

my Dahon

Part of my rationale for getting the Dahon folding bike for my ride to work was that, if the weather ever turned nasty during the day, I could fold it up and take it home on the train. Well, when I got a puncture a couple of weeks back, I realised that I needed to do some more preparation if I was ever going to get the bike home on a crowded Metro peak hour train.

I had added double panniers which added quite a bit of weight and were impossible to carry along with the folded bike. So they’ve been ditched and I now just use a backback for my change of clothes, and I leave a spare pair of shoes at work so I don’t need to carry them with me.

Wayne's Dahon

Now I’m looking for a carry bag.  Luckily Dahon have come up with a new CarryOn Cover which you can stash in a handy saddle bag when not in use. It folds out to cleverly cover the folded bike when you need to carry it as luggage onto the train — and, in Melbourne at least, you can also take a folding bike with you on a tram or bus.

So, I’ll be giving Human Powered a call next week to see about ordering one.  Wayne’s got a Dahon too, so we might order two.

Here’s a video from the lovely Josh from Dahon demonstrating how it works…


3 responses to “A carry-bag for the folding bike

  1. cool! I really like the portability of these bikes.

  2. Dahon CarryOn Cover …tracked down one …hope to get one this week.

  3. Nice posting, I will bookmark it. thanks

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