I have a cold ぼくは風邪をひいていますよ!

ぼくは風邪をひいていますよ! 風邪をひいているときに、コーヒー飲みます。

I’ve caught a cold. When I have a cold I drink coffee.


7 responses to “I have a cold ぼくは風邪をひいていますよ!

  1. me too.
    Hey – what are those appendages coming out of his mouth?

    And yep, NZers have beetroot on their burgers ;P

  2. They’re his ears!

  3. Yuk- sorry to hear…..funny I go off coffee when I’m sick. Stay warm and get better soon.

  4. Yep Kate is right. Get off coffee and stay away from alcohol & sugar too if you can (I can’t re sugar). The best thing I’ve used recently to ward off colds and sore throats is Blackmores Olive Leaf Extract (for cold and flu) relief. It tastes really foul but seems to kill germs like I’ve never experienced before. You just need a teaspoon. Is a teaspoon 5 ml? It says to take 5 ml, but I just take a teaspoonful. That is all I can stand anyway.

  5. Mal, would you believe we have olive leaf extract in the cupboard? Wayne bought some a while back. You’re right, it does taste foul, hoping it does some good. Thnx!

  6. Stuff that does you good invariably tastes bad. Like fish oil. And pomegranate juice. And vegemite (though I think the jury’s still out on whether it actually does you good)

  7. Poor petal. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

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