Indian ring necked parrots

A couple of years back I got interviewed by Marty at his Ephemera blog about my collection of old ship menus and ephemera. It’s fun to go through the box looking at them all (yes, I am a nerd).

Here’s a dinner menu from the liner Oriana. The cover is a beautiful painting by Keith Shackleton of Indian ring necked parrots, one of a series of six “depicting some of the birds seen in and around the countries and oceans served by P&O ships”.

The chef’s suggestion for this Saturday night in 1969 was Potage Fontanges, Poached Fillet of Dover Sole Duglere, Chicken a la King and Peach Tartlet.  Potage Fontanges is, according to Old Foodie, a soup of peas and sorrel “named after Mlle. de Fontanges… one of the mistresses of Louis XIV”. Duglere, as in the Sole dish, is a sauce with onions, shallots and tomatoes created by Adolfe Duglere at the Cafe Anglais in Paris.


5 responses to “Indian ring necked parrots

  1. That sounds like a fascinating collection 🙂

    I think you’d enjoy checking out the menus from the Titanic’s dining rooms. Examples / reproductions were on show at the Titanic exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.

  2. Sally, yes I want to go to the Titanic exhibition!

  3. Cool 🙂 I guess “food miles” weren’t such a consideration when you’re floating around the world. 😉

  4. Stunning illustration.

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