Our dogs – present


After Charlie died we knew we wanted to get dogs again but thought we needed a break, so planned a holiday to Japan.

Precisely 2 days after we got back I was checking the Lost Dogs Home web site where we spotted these 2 Jack Russelly guys. The scruffy brown and white one is Willy and the short haired black and white one is Kuma.


While they were at the Lost Dogs Home they had become best mates so they wanted someone to take them together. Perfect! We went straight down and brought them home. Unfortunately Willy immediately disgraced himself by jumping in the fish pond.

You wouldn’t know it if you met them, but they have been through obedience training. I have the certificates to prove it.

Together, asleep on the couch


11 responses to “Our dogs – present

  1. I don’t have any pets – they make me sneeze but I do have a concrete duck called Cyril. He is very low maintenance, extremely obedient and will probably outlive me. He sits on the mantlepiece most of the time but for Eurovision he comes into the sitting room and perches on an armchair. He likes Eurovision.

    • Well we love Eurovision too, I think Cyril shows excellent taste. What a disappointment that Lithuania didn’t get through to the final.

  2. Hee – fuzzy muzzles, so sweet 🙂

  3. Maybe if I got TWO dogs I wouldn’t have to worry about not walking them or being home enough … Hmmm.

    • Two dogs are great company and they keep themselves entertained, but watch out for wild chasey fights around the house!

  4. Those two little guys look lovely and like they are great friends. As a cat person though, I just have to ask, how do you handle the dog breath and doggy smell? A dog loving friend tells me that you just don’t notice it after a while if it’s your own dog. Have you found this to be true?

    • When we got them from the lost dogs home, Kuma had a lot of plaque on his teeth, probably had never ever been given a bone in his life. So we’ve always made sure they have lots of bones to chew. They are hidden all over the garden (and occasionally in the house). Maybe because of that their breath is actually pretty good.

  5. strawberriesofintegrity

    As a two dog owner I can say two dogs are better than one- they keep each other company, which is nice and stops you feeling guilty when you have been out for the day. They also rev each other up – like toddlers!
    Doggy breath – not so much of a probelm- they need bones. I love the smell of wet dogs – but no-one else in my house does.

  6. We originally planned to only have one dog, but given that we both work 9-5 jobs soon found that Paco was getting very lonely and withdrawn. As soon as we added Peppi to the household he perked up and hasn’t looked back since. The two dogs do entertain each other and get along very well. Yes they definitely have frenzied chasey fights around the house. It is very amusing to watch.

    As for the dog smell I don’t think you notice it after a while. In any case I actually like it (I don’t know about wet dog smell though Kate. I suppose it makes you know you’re alive 😉 ). Ours are indoor dogs and usually fairly clean.

  7. Very cute. I’ve just done a post about the dog and cat. I might do one about dog vs cat person. Hmm. I love the look of your little dogs!

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